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Old Touchscreen possible to use in car?

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  • Old Touchscreen possible to use in car?

    Hey there

    I may have a (reading from model) touchscreen, model AXP-T/S CLI 0495 from AMX corporation. Its former use was to control lights/mics in a lecture theatre. I was wondering if a screen like this is possible to use as an in-car touchscreen.

    On the back it has RS232 , then a plug with 8 pins (8x2) labelled from left to right Ground, AXM, AXP, Power, and then i have a power socket for 12Vdc, 1.5A.

    Im aware that theoretically, u can connect RS232 to just about anything, and 12V 1.5A would run ok in a car. But i was just wondering has anyone else ever bastardised old touchscreens like this and modded them to good use?


    EDIT: i just wanted to say, i am a total newbie to anything in car PC related, touchscreens, touchscreen software etc, so i hope to not make anyone frustrated by any ignorance i may show. That said, i am half way through a double comp sys eng / comp sci degree, so i have a basic fundamental knowledge of electronics systems.

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    Originally posted by Blue_muppet
    On the back it has RS232 , then a plug with 8 pins (8x2) labelled from left to right Ground, AXM, AXP, Power, and then i have a power socket for 12Vdc, 1.5A.
    Hmm. RS232 for the touch controller. Ground. Power. AXM and AXP are probably the mics and lights, I guess. But for it to be of use to you, it will need one more major connector. Video signal!


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      it is just the touchscreen or the screen (VGA) plus the touchscreen glass?

      the RS232 should be the touch controller, as said by eCar. look AMX for drivers and you should be set.


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        Which AMX panel do you have. Most of the "older" ones are just monocrome. But I guess each to his own. As for connecting to it you might have some trouble. As I recall with the 4 or 5 AMX controlers I have here the RS232 port is for putting the C or Java program onto the panel which lets you control the lights, projectors, etc. . The AMX's are more controlers then LCD Display panels.


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          thanks for your feedback guyes, pretty much confirming what i already suspected, but its always good to get an opinion from top seeded amatures.


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            Not likely sorry

            Hi there,
            this panel is programmable through software that is not freely available unless you're an AMX dealer, but you might well be able to scam it from somewhere. You need TPDesign3 (touch-panel-design). That's what the RS232 port is for, loading files onto the panel.
            The +12,AXM,AXP,GND connectors are essentially AMX's own 422 protocol for talking between AxLink devices (ie: different AMX devices) so you would have a pretty hard time getting this to work without an AMX controller (such as an accent2 or a card frame) which would be pretty bulky in yr car. BUT it wouldn't be impossible and sounds like it would make a pretty good 4th year project if you're still at it.
            What would you be wanting to control in your car?
            Have a look at and feel free to mail me if you have any questions. If you still have it that is :P



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