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Whzt size LCD do you think ?

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  • Whzt size LCD do you think ?

    Ok well I am finally going to try and get start on my car pc project after lurking around these boards forever, btw you have a wonderful community here and provide a valuable service. Anyways the question I have is what size of Lcd od you think will fit in the space, it gradually becomes smaller from the top to the bottom and is at an angle(that shouldn't matter) anyways the top is 8" wide while the bottom is 7" wide and the height of it is around 4 1/4" so it is just a little bigger than a double din area, I have heard people have custom fit in the lilliput do you think this is something that would possibly fit(I am pretty god with fiberglassing and or bondo work) or am I thinking too large ? Any comments are appreciated. this is the spot Iam talking about in the pic where he has the aftermarket deck installed, the area taken up by the vinyl is the sizes I posted.

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    you could probably fit a lilliput in there, especially since you are familiar with fiberglass.

    You may have to do what several of us have done, which is to relocate the buttons. its not that hard, since they are on a separate PCB.
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      here's the lilliput dimensions: