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  • Is this possible?

    Hi everyone. I have a general question for you all about the possible mounting of a xenarc or lilliput LCD in my 2001 Hyundai Accent. See the attached pics.

    original Dash

    New dash.

    Now dont bag me out cause of my bad Photoshop skills it was the first time i really used the program. Anyhew whats your thoughts?
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    nice just get a can and spray paint the cut out befor you install the lcd if you take the time you can take the lcd out of the case and install it in the car alot faster and easyer


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      Are you sure those pictures are both on the same scale? The Lilli looks smaller than normal there.


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        the lilli dose look small id re mesure everything. get your self some epoxi or bondo to fill any gaps. you could relocate tho's buttons with smaller one's someplace els
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          I noticed that you have a row of buttons including your Hazard flashers, maybe Defrost windshield and the Defrost back window buttons in the original picture. Where are you moving them to in the new picture? I don't see them anwhere unless you plan on leaving those out...


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            you could put small temporary on buttons on the side of the console to replace the originals... but you would have to do some soldering...
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              I was planning on relocating them near the steering wheel. Like you said electrohacker I would have to do some soldering. I may even still attempt a motorized scrren and dvd in one. This i would probably have to make myself, unless something else comes out.
              Ahhh... I see the f&!k-up fairy has visited us again!


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                I think the xenarc would look good there or a lillput. Make sure you measure before
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