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  • need help fast...

    I purchased an older Mobile Authority 5.6 LCD screen. everything was fine. until i transformed it into my CARputer monitor. i accidentally wired a positive to a neg. and a transistor blew out. i am trying to replace it but i dont know the name or type of resistor it is. its labeled AE RG on it. ive been searching the web for 2 hours now looking for the schematics of the screen that i have. but have had no luck. anyone know the name or type of general transistors on LCD screens? or have the schematics of mobile authority screens?

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    Have you tried doing a search for the transistor itself.


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      yes i have and nothing comes up for any kind of AERG. maybe you guys have heard of something like it?


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        post a pic so I can see it might not be a resistor maybe it's just a board fuse


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          i think its a transistor. but i will post a pic, it a big black burn mark on the guy. ill get a high detailed digital camera today.