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VGA Necessary for GPS?

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  • VGA Necessary for GPS?

    I got a complex question. I need:
    -in-dash LCD
    -VGA connection

    The screen will primarily be used for GPS navigation (some mp3/dvd playback too). I would prefer it be touchscreen, and have software with on-screen keyboard (winxp included?--other software suggestions?).

    I'm guessing I need VGA because I want to use GPS (true/false?)
    Does anyone have experience with a non-VGA screen using GPS software?

    If anyone could offer any alternative suggestions, it would be appreciated.

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    Another Q

    One more thing:

    According to this FAQ cproaudio says
    High resolution composit screens have LCD screens that's capable of VGA resolution but the controller has only RCA input. DigitalWW's TM-701L is one such screen. You can purchase VGA controller for it and turn it into a true VGA screen.
    What is the quality of this screen (TM-701L) with a VGA connection?--Is it better than a standard connection?
    Where can I find a VGA controller for it?


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      Considering the cost and time of ordering those to seperate and isntalling it yourself you might as well order

      I ordered my two weeks ago Still waiting on it to be shipped.


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        I did GPS for a while on a 5.6" TFT (non VGA screen) and it was basically useless......

        I think even on a 7" screen that is not VGA you will quickly be buying thicker glasses.....

        I have no experience with indash screens, so I defer to others on that....


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          where can you buy JUST the VGA controller? i have a TM-702L
          Syprus Design Technologies - CarPC Project (Sold)


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            pros, open your eyes and read my first response.


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              ^ i am looking for JUST the vga controller, your link is for a $300 'bundle'
              Syprus Design Technologies - CarPC Project (Sold)


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                controllers are $300 from
                Debt as of 1/1/05: $34,354.48
                Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
                I'M DEBT FREE!!
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                  I have wrote a review on this housing, you can read it here If you want to write a review also, then be my guest :-)

                  hope the info helps you make up your mind

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                    Yup, VGA

                    I tried going the "cheap" way and get a TFT 7 inch widescreen lcd...ouf, what a waste of cash. The text in Microsoft Mappoint even raised higher was'd sooner get into a car crash than figure out what street you are ON!

                    Trust me, get REAL a real VGA LCD.