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Long Parallel port cable for HD44780

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  • Long Parallel port cable for HD44780

    Hello, I was wondering how long the cable connecting to an LCD display can be under normal circumstances? I have mine connected up to an extra long cable, and it doesn't seem to be getting any signals from the parallel port... I am going to try connecting it to my other computer, but I would like to know if length of the cable might be a factor in my problem.



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    I have checked the wiring a million times time according to the popular diagram:
    All of the data pins have 0 resistance across them.

    I have tried using MPXPLAY running in dos, and the LCD plug-in for winamp to no avail. I tried slowing down the speed at which the plug-in sent data over the line which also didn't work.

    Does anyone know what else might be going wrong?

    The specs of my LCD can be found here:

    No where in the specs does it say that it is hd44780 compatible, but I've seen places online claim that they are. I also looked and teh commands are exactly the same as an hd44780.

    Thanks for the help!


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      I have a lcd cabeld with 5m of cable - but it only works on old amchines - it depends on the power transmitted by the lpt port- in fac tolder mainboards deliver more power so longer cables can be used - on my actual pcs the lcd with 5m of cable doesnt work at all - but some with 2m or 3m work well.
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