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  • LCD temperature range

    I was thinking getting a LCD screen like the Hitachi HD44780. The operating temparature range of the one I was looking at was -10 C to 50 C (I dont know how much would that be in Ferenheight). What would happen if I tried to run it under -10 C , before the car is heated up in the winter. Would it just not display properly or would that break something. Also, the non-operating minimum temperature is of -20 C. I beleive the temperature here goes down to -30 C sometimes. Would that be a problem?

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    Did anyone try their character LCD displays under the recomended operating temperature? Did it break in two, didn't work at/much or whatever...
    There must be people here that life where there's cold winter....


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      Impatient, aren't you?

      I used a Crystalfontz HD44780 compatible standard LCD through all of last winter. The display's update slows down a bit when really cold, but it still works well outside the published temperature range.


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        Thanks for the info


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          when cold the screen will literally freeze and will fade out till it warms up. pretty cool actually

          conflicting views on long term damage from that.
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            I figured that the best thing to do yould be to buy the 4x20 blue LCD screen with a white led. It can operate at -20 and looks just too cool ... At 30 US, I guess its not bad.