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question about hooking up my bare LCD....

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  • question about hooking up my bare LCD....

    I recently purchased a sharp LQ10D367 panel with an M1023 Rev E controller card. When i am hooking it up, the VGA monitor cord terminates on the controller end in jumpers and the sheilding comes to a ring-terminal. Obviously the sheilding is the ground for the VGA signal, but the power jack is also on the monitor plug. Do What do i have to ground this ring-terminal to? There is a mounting hole on the board - but it doenst look like it is grounded to anything. Where does this terminal (monitor sheilding...) need to be grounded to?

    Anyone with any notes on hooking this up for a first timer? I dont want to break it before i even use it

    Also, there is (what appears to be) a small crack in the screen - it is darker on a very thin line for about 4 inches - will the LCD panel not work at all, or just in that area?

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    anyone with some experience?
    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!