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    Hi guys/gals im new to this site & also new to the car video sceen.I have a couple questions & hope someone can point me in the right direction.I have a 89 S10 Blazer (2dr/2wd) thats a custom ride with around 20k invested so far & im seriously thinking of adding some visual stuff alone with a small stereo system mostly geared towards quality sound (not a boom box on wheels lol) probably a couple 12s ect.

    Anyways heres what im considering,im looking at possibly mounting a TV/monitor in my dash but im not really interested in having it do any computer stuff or gps.I just want to watch DVDs,play my (moded) Xbox.Not totally sure if im going to try to flush mount a screen in the dash Or just do a custom console and mount a screen right under the stock stereo location.Ive saw a couple pics of screen in the dash that look really sweet & look like them came from the factory there haha.

    What kind of screens should i be looking for?Where is a good place to check this stuff out?I have a freind iwth a custom stereo shop but i would kinda like differant opinions on stuff 7 have somewhat of an idea what im looking for before i go see him.Any info would greatly be appreciated.Im want to do this before i reinstall my interior (all stripped out at the moment).Ill try to post a pic of what im looking to do.Lets see if it works lol. Thanks guys
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    Well im sorry for posting this here i just noticed that theres a newbie forum os i posted the question there with a link to this thread.Sorry if i screwed up.


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      I used to have an 88 S10 and planned on mounting a screen in it, but the truck was no good anyway.

      Anyway, while still in the planning stages, I found that where the head unit was nstalled at the factory, that "plate" would be perfect to accept a sreen. Some modding, and re-positining of the stereo would be in order, but there is more than adequate room back there (esp if you have no dash vents, like I did). Although, if you were to custom fabricate your own console, the screen may be easier to read in the daylight, not sure how much light shines on that part of the dash during the day, but in the trucks, it's alot.

      As for the screen, I'd try and find one that accepted only video input (RCA, sometimes called composite), as the XBOX already comes with all hardware to use these types of screens. Don't bother buying one with VGA or touchscreen capabilities, cause you'll just be throwing your money away.

      Check digitalWW for the screen, he has good prices and lurs around these forums quite alot. People seem to do good buisness with him.

      Hopes this gives you a good starting point.


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        Have you come accross any more pics of that style S10 dash with screens in them? If so, please share... Do you have larger versions of the pictures you already posted?