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Has anybody ever got lil/Xen screen to clock onto native res?

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  • Has anybody ever got lil/Xen screen to clock onto native res?

    I have had every screen going and tried lots of timing paramters with all the screens and I have never managed to trick the vga controller into displaying 800x480 natively.
    The only screen I have ever managed it on is the first generation xenarc and it looked amazing, like a tft screen should.
    I have tried on a second generation "res sensing" xenarc and it even if it accepts 800x480 with tweaking and fills the screen it still doesnt match the pixels correctly.
    I have tried the liliput and it gives the same blurred image.
    The only current screen I can get a good image on is the 8 inch lilliput which is 640x480 proper clocked image.

    So, has anybody ever managed to trick the vga controller on a widescreen screen to clock native resolution? If you have can you post timing parameters.

    The ones I use are:
    Active 800
    FP 72
    SW 56
    RP 72
    TOTAL 1000

    Active 480
    FP 20
    SW 5
    RP 20
    TOTAL 525

    The above fools the screen into thinking its 640x480 and this seems to work on all controllers I have tried, but doesnt give a clean image.

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    Yea I got the same problem. I could never clock it to match exact pixels (by adjusting phase/clock) so the texts are always blurred (well, not very but quite). Also when I get the clock/phase pair that I like, if the screen's power is switched off and back on, all settings (clock/phase) will be lost! The fonts are blurred again and sometimes even the entire image goes off the screen.

    Another issue is that the "auto-tune" feature on my Lilliput gives different result everytime, sometimes even making the whole image off the screen, not mentioning giving a pixel-clear image.

    Anybody have a clue on these?
    Specs for my previous carputer:
    Car: 03 Maxima SE
    Carputer Hardware: AMD Athlon XP1800+, Full size MB, 512MB RAM, 20G HDD, FX5900, SB Live
    Screen: Lilliput 7" Touch
    Install pics:


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      Apparantly the new Xenarc displays sense and lock onto 800x480 properly. I'll be able to find out in a couple of weeks when I get a new one as a replacement for my old Xenarc (the little 15 pin connector has broken ), and if I can find a VGA card for my carputer that can display 800x480 (the onboard on my Epia won't)

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        Yes this is what I have been told by the manufacturer gain. Though they dont always understand what I am saying because of the language barrier so I was unsure.
        Until I see an LCD screen doing what it should, Im going to stick to the 8 inch version that works properly.


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          its sounding more and more like i should spend the extra $$ on a xenarc. please post a comparison between the old xenarc and the new one when you receive it. i'd really like to know if it truly is brighter than the old one.


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            But it depends on who you buy the xenarc from. I bought a few a month ago and they were still the old vga board. I am in the UK so you may have more luck in the US.