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  • touch or no touch? Your thoughts...

    Hey everyone, ok im putting in a screen where my cd player is at the wondering if yall think its really worth getting the touchscreen or just get a normal screen and good keyboard/mouse combo(either way i need to get a keyboard/mouse). So what are your experiences with touchscreens? I ve also heard that touchscreens dim the screen a little also, true? Thanks.

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      I've never had any experience, myself, but it seems that the touchscreen might be better to get for access while driving. Using a mouse would probably be a bit more tedious...


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        If you aren't too worried about the money I would say go touch screen.. It's cleaner, works well and who really wants to try and type on a keyboard to play a song or dvd?

        And yes the film for the touchscreen is not perfectly clear and does make it look darker..


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          first off, you might want to wait a little more than an hour to post a followup like "anyone?"

          now, back to the topic at hand. The touchscreen is by far the safest method if you have a screen. Keypads are probably the safest overall, as you do not have to take your eyes off the road to change songs.

          Get the touchscreen. If you get a lilliput then the touchkit won't dim the screen enough to notice. Once you've had a touchscreen, you'll wonder how anyone ever did this without one.
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            Originally posted by wizardPC
            first off, you might want to wait a little more than an hour to post a followup like "anyone?"
            Don't be a Jackass, wizard.... hehehe You asked for it

            Go for a touchscreen if you can afford one. Makes the life much easier (and hopefully last longer) while driving. I won't get into the Lilliput vs. Xenarc discussion again, but you'll find a few threads about it if you do a search.

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              Originally posted by wizardPC
              first off, you might want to wait a little more than an hour to post a followup like "anyone?"
              He did, he waited 8 minutes more than an hour. that's 7 minutes 59 seconds longer than I would have waited.

              Touchscreen models are not a lot more expensive than non touchscreen. (unless you are comparing touchscreen VGA compared to standard TV LCD screens) so definitely go with a touchscreen. I'm in the process of installing mine. However I won't be getting rid of my mouse (it's a finger trackball neatly tucked inside the ashtray in the centre console) although I am looking to put a touchpad from a laptop somewhere or my keyboard (wireless).


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                Thanks everyone, looks like ill be getting it with touchscreen, i was waiting to see what was gonna happen with the starvision vga screen but it looks like everyone is having mixed feelings about how good this seller is. Thanks everyone, if theres anymore suggestions then im open to them Thnx.


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                  well i have it and it's pretty good when you need to quickly do something you can just 'poke' it.

                  that said, i don't use it. plugged in an alps touchpad and am pretty happy. can keep my hand on the arm rest and play with it. thing is, the smudge marks **** me off. used to clean the screen a few times a day since in the daylight it looks like it's been smeared with bugs.
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                    I've got a liliput with a touchscreen that sporadically works, so I went and bought a handheld mouse - LINK - yes, the cord is longer than in the picture.. hehe
                    I actually prefer the mouse to the touchscreen, I can hold it in my hand while I drive and click to the next song without even looking at the screen or straining to the touchscreen, and it keeps my screen clean of fingerprints.
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                      Originally posted by wizardPC
                      first off, you might want to wait a little more than an hour to post a followup like "anyone?"
                      Living up to your title, Wizard?



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                        touch screens suck becuase your screen has alot of finger prints over time fast food... oh wait next song...... I would rather always have a clear screen and use a keypad to switch songs real fast. I think a touch pad would be a better idea for a mouse or a nipple mouse.

                        some like that is very cheap. Then you just go with a compact keypad. All and all i don't like the idea of a touch screen.
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