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Precautions in wiring up an LCD?

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  • Precautions in wiring up an LCD?

    I'll be receiving an LCD screen I've bought in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to know what precautions I should take to make sure I don't destroy it as I experiment with hook ups (I've read a few posts here where people mention blowing their LCD modules).

    The particular unit I've bought is here...
    ...If that helps.

    What I had envisioned was having a cable running from my VGA output, with each pin segregated to a terminal on a solderless breadboard. The input pins for the LCD would be likewise segregated to terminals on the opposite side of the breadboard. I'd then experiment by connecting the VGA terminals to the appropriate LCD terminals. The LCD power requirements are all 5V, so I was going to simply connect all such terminals to the 5 volt rail of a computer power supply. Does this sound like an appropriate method, or I'm going to end up with a pile of slag?

    As a general question, are there any "LCD screens for dummies" guides or sites worth reccomending?

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    Looks like you'll need a controller card for that LCD - the interface is digital according to the section entitled "Interface pin connection" and the "General specifications" in the PDF you posted.

    So the first precaution you'll need is to acquire such a controller card, you can't just connect it to a VGA port.
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      That figures...

      Any sources for those that you'd recommend?

      The screen is also coming with another module, labelled a 'high voltage module' (see attached image). Would that be considered the power inverter?
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        yes that would be the power inverter. be very careful with that if u dont wana die or seriously injur urself :d