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Lilliput extension cable

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  • Lilliput extension cable

    Can someone who has a lilliput touchscreen (619GL-70NP) confirm that the following 9-pin mini din is the one used to carry the vga & usb signals etc?

    If so, using a female connector and male plug from digikey will allow us to run data to/from the lilliput to the rear of the vehicle with one extension cable.

    If it is, I might buy a bunch of connectors for those of us wanting to do this.

    EPoX mATX SocketA w/onboard Geforce4MX / 512MB PC2700 / AthlonXP 1600
    Lilliput / DVDrom / Opus 150W / WD 3.5" 160GB / SB Audigy NX
    XP home / Road Runner / iGuidance 4.0

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    i don't have a lilliput but i read this thread before.

    seems he found the extension cable. might save you some time
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