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Are these displays worthwhile?

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  • Are these displays worthwhile?

    While browsing various carputer websites i came across a link to this place, which sells lcd displays

    I was looking at the 40x4 alphanumeric-parallelInterface or the 640x480 Epson serial interface listed below it. Both are cheap at $15.

    Has anyone used either of these before, and if so how easy are they to get to work with a Linux system? I'm really just looking for a display to show the track title, directory, and the time of the song playing. Also several lines so i can easily browse between tracks and playlists. I don't need to have a graphical interface.

    Thanks for any help.
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    From what Ican make out it is an old Laptop/Notepad screen which will require an expensive controller. The 256 X 128 dot LCD with built-in controller would be easier (as long as you can find out what type of controller it is).

    Else the 40x4 alphanumeric displays are cheap, and probably the standard Hitachi controllers, which would make things really simple.