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Looking for an LCD <$100

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  • Looking for an LCD <$100

    Hey all,

    I'm building an MP3 box for my girlfriend's car, and due to financial constraints she has $300 to spend on the whole shebang. I've allotted $100 to getting an LCD, something around 5"-7", doesn't necessarily need an enclosure as I can build one myself. I was planning on running either MediaEngine or MediaCar on the rig, which is the reason I wanted an LCD. Problem is, I'm having trouble sorting the massive piles of junk on the internet from the actual useful info, so if anyone has suggestions as to where I could get such an LCD, that'd be great! VGA or Composite, either works for me, I realize that the quality on composite wouldn't be that great, but it should be tolerable...


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    Ebay is your friend

    heres one for 100 bucks
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      Here is one for 79 buy it now at ebay...


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        DO NOT GET AN STN I have one and it was a wast of my time and MONEY!!
        go smaller and be happy!!


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          Originally posted by Torion
          Here is one for 79 buy it now at ebay...

          I have that one it is not worth the plastic it is in!!

          Trust me Go with a TFT lcd only!


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            All those retailers ship *only* to the US, and I'm in Canada, unfortunately.

            Anybody know of any Canadian retailers, or sellers willing to ship to Canada?


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              I startet with a PSone Display. Its available in Europe for approx 50Euros and could be connected via Composit (TVOut) or VGA (but not with all GFX Cards).

              Search for PSone here within the LCD section.


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                You can modify the PSOne screen to use a VGA Cable.

                Check this thread on how to do it.


                I haven't tried it before but according to the thread it works.

                Also check this website as well.



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                  A bit over budget but this guys is great with shipping and emails..


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                    I've seen the PSOne screens, and the enclosure they are in is kind of an awkward, round shape. Anybody worked with one of those before? Can you take it apart, and put it into a custom enclosure? Is the screen assembly itself round, or square? How big is the screen (inches)?


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                      Its possible to get it apart. The PCB with the controler on it has a round shape like the controler on board.

                      There are several Howtos available. I know only one in German which is here. But the pictures will answer your questions.