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looking for a good LCD monitor

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  • looking for a good LCD monitor

    sup guys, new to this forum, and i have been toying with the idea of building a new dash for my car and put a screen in there. 8'' would be good but too $$$, so 7'' it is!

    anyways, i have been looking at various brands, and the TM-7002S from digitalway is pretty good price.
    what do you guys think bout it? i wont be puttin a computer yet, i'll be using most likley an XBOX to play dvds in my car, so i need RCA input for video.

    How's lilliput? can you guys recommend something better for pretty good price?

    The main issue for me would be that since it's in the middle of the car, it has to have a good viewable angle from the side w/o getting shadowy.

    I'll appreciate any help. thanks.

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    If you are looking for just a normal LDC TFT (Not a VGA) then I suggest checking this siteo ut.. I have two of his 7" LCD TFT screens hooked to my Pioneer HU (DVD/mp3) and they are amazing..


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      how's innovatek compared to lilliput n the panasonic that digitalway has. i mean the less money the better, but i dont wanna be wasting money on something somehow crapy.