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Still having issues with Lilliput and Winamp Viz's

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  • Still having issues with Lilliput and Winamp Viz's

    Repost: No matter what I change, I keep getting Out of Range errors with my Lilliput when trying to run any of the visualizations in Winamp or through ME. The computer is the ICE-CUBE VL67 with on-board video (maybe the prob?). Anyone else run into this problem with Winamp and the Lilliput screens? Thanks for any help! (I have searched but have found nothing on these boards, could be possible I haven't searched throughly though)

    Btw The viz's will work if I power the monitor off and back on again, but when I escape out of the viz, I also have to power it off and back on again. Anyone have any fixes or ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Double posting sucks. Why not just bump your thread by replying to your own post. This will work well for you...


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      Thanks, I will keep that in mind.


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        digitalenvy, are you referring to when your running a song in ME and you click that "eye" which gives you a winamp visual? I just tried it and no problem.

        im running epia mii 10k, 512 pc2700, and the lilliput 619. The screen even returns off the visual with no problem. Possibly a connection problem?
        Mine needs to be updated.