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my lilliput into indash conversion

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  • my lilliput into indash conversion


    I just finished the lilliput into a TM-701L case and I'm glad I'm done.
    Its not hard per-say just that it takes a good amount of time to get it done, and being this was the first time I did this I went extra careful.

    I used Armen's how-to (very useful)
    And CdrSkull's little tips to make it better,

    I still have to slit a hole in the back panel to pass the vga/touch cable but it was late so I couldn't exactly start grinding metal.

    And here's my little tip I found out. Basically your just slapping the lcd screen onto the tm-701L bezel and originally the lilliput display is slightly (ever so) to the right and up (you'll see what I mean). Ofcourse you can do the horizontal/veritcal adjustments but I had the screen wired to the psu so once it was off the screen lost its memory settings. So what I did was use foam padding to push the screen over just that much so that the image alines properly dead center.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    YOU DA MAN!!!!

    I can't wait to get my Lilliput so I can do the same. Great job, man!!!
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      Where is your step-by-step pictorial how-to? Have you not learned anything from Vortex!?!?

      Looks good.
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        Oh another tip, I had problems with the screen closing and clicking in due to the ribbon cable I used. Originally I used part of an IDE cable off the older ata33 drives (20 wire), but I replaced it with the much thinner ide cable the one for ata66/100..and it closes no problem now.
        Mine needs to be updated.


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          What Does it Look Like Closed Up

          I am interested in doing this to mine too, but wanted to know what it would look like when it is closed up into the housing.. does it look like a reason to break into a car?

          Can the screen be removed from the housing simply if you are parking in a less safe area?

          Some pics of this would be good.

          As for the foam around the corners, is it just pieces of foam in there?

          Does this mean the screen moves back when you press on the screen?



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