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  • Dead Lilliput

    Hi guys,

    Ive been reading the other topics on such items but im not sure wether to be worried or not :\

    Ive got a 7" Touchscreen Lilliput

    I had it appart over the weekend creating a facia. Ive Just put it back together and now i cant get it to do anything.

    Basically when i put the 12V adapter into it, nothing happens.

    No Light, no noise no nothing.

    What can i try guys, im really stuck here because i really have no experience troubleshooting problems with PCB's :\


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    try to realign the ribbon cables repeatedly until it works. It will take a bazillion tries, but in the end, thats what it usually is. they didnt use very high quality connectors and it is very hard to align them correctly.
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      Thanks Buddy ive managed to allign the ribbon to the button pannel and i now have LED & powering up working. Now theres just a white screen being displayed so ill just have to wiggle different connectors, gees these things really dont like being taken appart !


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        Guys the Screen is still just displaying white. I think the ribbon that carrys the video is damaged, ive tried wiggling it every possible way. IS this the ribbon that normally fails ??

        Tnx guys


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          if your screen is not displaying, might want to check the other cable. I think the one that was not correct at first was the switch/led one, and now I would try messing with the video one. I had the same issues with my lilly. Now my touchscreen is dead. Grrr
          2005 Ford Focus ST


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            ok i think ive solved it. But ive got an electronics EXPERT coming over tomorrow so im hoping he will take a look at it.



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              if theres no power light, then the ribbon cable to the buttons isnt aligned right
              if its just displaying a white sceen, the ribbon cable to the screen isnt aligned
              if you are seeing a image on the screen, but very dark. you may have forgot to plug in the inverter cable
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                any experience with the power buttons flashing once on power button being pressed but no backlight/display? ( all cables well seated )
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