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Lilliput problems (yet some more)

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  • Lilliput problems (yet some more)


    I know nobody wants to hear more lilliput problems but generally my lilliput works well. BUT

    - during boot sometimes before I see the windows graphic boot street with the windows logo, I would see something that looks like a crack along the screen. Like if I were to break the touchscreen or something but it's obviously a graphic problem because it goes away when windows boots up, again I only get this sometimes.
    - also sometimes when the screen is just turned on I get this weird very faded logo on the screen which looks to me like some white/beige chinese logo , double dragon sort of graphic? I don't know how to describe it but when I get that ghost image I just switch videos and it goes away.

    again my lilliput overall does work but I noticed these two problems..
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    I have Seen the crack

    No wierd logo but sometimes when it boots up there is a diagonal line that resembles a crack on my screen too. That's no biggy. Just wish I could get rid of the wavey horizontal lines I see on a dark screen.
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      I have seen the chinese logo/writing before when I'm over range. I attributed it to being the new "Jurassic Park" or "lady in the field" image.
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        I hope my lilliput screen came out of a XXX store then.
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          I've seen someone post before claiming that the image looked more like a burn-in and they were ****ed and the thought that someone may have sold them a used screen. If it is such a thing, you need to leave your screen on with everything white for, I forget how long, maybe a couple days. It is also suggested you disconnect the light so it on for that long of time.
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            I have seen the dragon. Kind of like a Big Foot sighting. I'll try to get a picture of it the next time it pops up.
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              does the "white/beige chinese logo , double dragon sort of graphic" a real problem apart from being weired? i'm on the process of upgrading my lcd, i was thinking that the problem is more than just unexpectedly unusual unless it pops up every now and then...

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                actually what I have noticed is that the image will come up when I try to go into the BIOS. SOMETIMES though not always. but like I said I just switch modes, V1, V2, back to vgamode and it's gone.

                It's really just an annoying.
                Mine needs to be updated.