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  • Simple LCD?

    I just want a Simple 10 inch LCD screen for my PS2. I want a bare screen to mold into my glove box door. Is it possible or do I need to just get one with the housing? Ive got a Sharp LM64C35P Screen from an old Laptop. Can I use that? and if so What would I need to make it work?


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    search and read. Laptop screens usualy dont work, beacuse the controller card is built into the motherboard (and propriatary), but you may be able to track down a controller card for it. You would be better off looking (maybe ebay) for a composite 10 inch screen. shouldnt be that much cause you dont need VGA input for your PS2...........if you get one of thos flip down screens, just tear the casing apart!
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      And if I remember correctly, Sharp LM series lcd modules are not TFT (active matrix), so it would not be good for gaming or video. Sharp LQ series lcd modules are the TFT ones. Either way, it's not really cost effective to use an old lcd module because of the cost (and pain) of a new controller.
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        OK THANKS GUYS. I want a carputer in my truck but not till after its completely finished.