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Lilliput 7" TS Brightness way too low!!

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  • Lilliput 7" TS Brightness way too low!!

    Hi all,

    I bought my Lilliput 7" TS from the Hong Kong Ebay site ~2 months ago and have found it nowhere NEAR bright enough for daytime use!

    I have fiddled ALL the settings on the LCD and cannot get an acceptable level of brightness.

    My setup runs from an Espresso PC on Win98 (deserve everything I get?) using the lilliput regulator "egg" pretty much straight from the car battery.

    I have seen in other posts people complaining that theirs are almost too there a stock solution to this problem? (I have noted that others have noted this hassle and then gone quiet...)

    Thanks for any ideas,

    Silver '94 Supra NA - VIA C3 900Mz, 128Mb RAM, 80Gb HD, WLAN, GPS, MP3, Lilliput 7" TS LCD

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    You may try to plug/unplug the DIN connector to make sure it is tight. I was very disappointed at my screen when I plug it in. I can hardly see anything at night, but after playing with the connector, everythign seem fine.
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      I can see it fine at night...but during the day its barely visible. (your backlight didn't work at all?)

      It sounds like 50% of Lilliput users are almost blinded (until they find the brightness menu) while the other 50% can barely see the screen during daylight at all. I thought all was just great until I got it in the dead pixels, no burnt-in patterns(!)...all good, but the visibility in medium daylight?

      Also the screen "browns-out" when the engine isn't running leaving a flickery ghost image...assumedly it isn't getting enough power without the alternator running...strange that my 10-15W PC just keeps soldering on though on the same power line.

      I'll have a play with the DIN connector as suggested though...maybe I'll be surprised.


      Silver '94 Supra NA - VIA C3 900Mz, 128Mb RAM, 80Gb HD, WLAN, GPS, MP3, Lilliput 7" TS LCD


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        I had this problem before. Firstly if you use a 5m active USB extender or smilar, try the usb touchscreen without any extender straight to the pc (As short as possible).
        I noticed when i removed the usb touchscreen without removing the vga connector from the pc it goes crazy (fuzzy and dim) then i plug the usb back in it goes nice, clear and bright!....I think it's a grounding issue or ur lilliput is not getting enough power, HOPE THIS HELPS