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Need help with some inverter details

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  • Need help with some inverter details

    I have the inverter from the old Panavision 10.4" screen that I'm using.
    I managed to destroy the original controller, and have bought a doctor berghaus replacement for the panel I have.

    Thing is I can't find any details for the inverter.
    Could really do with knowing what the five inout pins do, and what the input voltage is.

    Details I have are.
    CTX-Opto inv-2010 rev:8
    on the back it says
    CADACES CDV0-1 94V-0 and 9803
    Also of the five lines going in, pin one at the original controller end is red. All the others are black.

    Hopefully I can get this up and running this weekend.

    Any help a big one. Cheers
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    Little bit of bumpage. Really need some help with this.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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      give me a bell carl i got the same touch running the shop pos. bring your multimeter down and i will sort it for you..


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        Martyn, got it sorted in the end.

        Got it working sort of, with y laptop.

        Biggest problem is that the PC now seems to fire up (motherboard fan spins) but don't here the HDD spinning up, and don't see nothing on the screen. Adn if I try to power the TFT from the PC psu, I get no power to the screen either. looks like next weekend, I'm going to be pulling the PC out, and getting that running first outside the car first, now I have the screen operational.

        Cheers for the offer though mate, appreciated.
        4x4 in a turbo stylee.