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Rear-View Camera Buying Tips?

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  • Rear-View Camera Buying Tips?

    What to look for when shopping for a rear-view camera?

    What model # do you guys have and what do you think of it?

    Which feature is more important? Lowest Lux? Widest angle? Color? # of Lines? Shutter speed? Programmable contrast/balance?


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    DigitalWW sells one for $50 which has 1.5Lux and 420 lines of resolution. That sounds pretty high-quality, no doubt because DigitalWW sells the good stuff only.

    Ebay has similar ones for $25 which have 3Lux and 380 lines of resolution. I'm guessing these are still pretty darn good, because I have seen MANY others that are 3+Lux and 300 or less lines of resolution..

    Clearly the DigitalWW is the best, but I'm not sure if it's worth paying 2x for one camera.. I need to get 2 anyways, so I could get 2 of the relatively good Ebay ones for the same price as 1 of DigitalWW's..

    Your thoughts??
    Anyone have one of these hooked up??


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      cant beat this price though


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        try and buy a ccd one not a cmos. ccd is MUCH better.

        i have one by 'real guard' if you can find them

        i bought mine from tecvox

        very good quality