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    Property today stated that my Liliput in the car has one miserably brightness... , if I operate the display by means of power pack, the brightness is perfect at home!

    I have somewhat experimented and the following to determined:
    Original electronics, which is in the case of the display about in order to supply this from the autoelectrical system, makes only 11.9 V available in the no-load operation. First times the display keeps switching on on long right after to that also approx. 1 minute its full brightness. Then it becomes suddenly - subjekitv - more darkly around nearly half. These "feature" I cannot observe, if I operate there the display by means of 220V power pack (the open circuit voltage is also with nearly 18 V!). Thus I measured the tension, if with the autoadapter the brightness breaks down - and actually * the open circuit voltage * has then only more 11.5 V - how much the adapter makes IMHO available then under load points I not, but surely still less... Thus I make now one * direct * adapter - whose tension always places 12.2 to 13 V (also under load) ready. And there see, the brightness achieves its full level and holds!

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    AHAh!! It looks like you have directly addressed the problem quite a few on this forum have been having!

    I have exactly that problem: when I run it from the car battery it runs at a *just tolerable* brightness and then it drops to ~1/2 that brightness after a minute and becomes too dim to read in daylight.

    So let me request clarification of your solution:
    1- You have made an adapter which yields 12.2-13V under load.
    2- You are injecting the power directly to the unit bypassing the "egg" but not bypassing any internal electronics. (is this correct?)

    What circuit are you using for you adapter?


    Silver '94 Supra NA - VIA C3 900Mz, 128Mb RAM, 80Gb HD, WLAN, GPS, MP3, Lilliput 7" TS LCD


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      I have make a cable, that connect direct from 12V cigarette lighter to the Display - without any adapter or electronic. This works fine yet (i hope this will be also in the Future I messure the current also the Motor runs - not mor then 13.6 Volt. I think this is ok.
      If there are somebody that have a better idea - talk to use ...

      It interests me *why* the orginal car adapter has this feature - Armen?


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        Lilliput brightness dropping off

        Has anyone else solved this problem? I am running my car pc on the dining room table at the moment from a high current variable power supply set to 13.8v. I've been working on the thing all evening and after about 3 hours use the display has reduced to about half brightness. the strange thing is that if you call up the OSD that comes up at full brightness which suggests the fault is at the PC end?

        I'm currently installing service pack 1, so I have a couple of hours to kill fiddling with the display so any ideas would be appreciated!!
        ....Yes, I know it has a stupid name, those crazy Japanese!