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suggestions on where to place?

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  • suggestions on where to place?

    well.. i've built myself into a hole. too much invested to back out now, and too much to lose by going forwards. if i could get the LCD to work without sacrificing functionality, then i'd be okay. but unfortunately, due to the design of my car, i cant do that.

    ^^ pics of the entire interior of my car.

    so, i'm looking for suggestions on where to place the controlling LCD.

    Anyone got any bright ideas?

    btw: Car is a 2000 Toyota Corolla, 2.0L 4-banger, manual tranny. silver/grey. no mods other than wheels and tires upgraded.

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    Originally posted by Enforcer
    bang smack in the middle, where you have the drinks holders and staorage unit. remove those and you should be able to get a screen in there.
    this car is a daily driver. as such, i drive food around a lot. I cant ditch the drink holders.

    I do, however, almost never use the storage cubbies. that includes the one in the armrest, and in the doors. the only one i do use is the glovebox.


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      maybe do the single-din in-dash thing.
      2004 4runner


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        Originally posted by rando
        maybe do the single-din in-dash thing.
        I would, except i'm so damn broke, and they're so damn out of stock.


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          You could do the first suggestion then make some simple cup holders that fold out of the middle arm rest.


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            What do you want to use your carputer for? If you plan on glancing at it regularly, then mounting it low will be a pain in the ***. Relocating the stuff towards the top and putting your screen as close to the top as possible will be much more convenient for you.

            Consider getting rid of the clock all together, pulling your vents down below your A/C controls, and your head unit, if you really want to keep it, just below the vents. You can buy a generic double din head unit backet with a pocket in it. This could fit in that big storage cubby. Install it upside down so you have something to attach your vents to.

            Using all that new available space will allow you to even go to a larger screen. Having your screen higher will be safer, better looking, and more functional.
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              Move your current head-unit down to where the cubby above the cupholders is, and then put a unit in the dash. Not a fold out, just a bracket to hold the screen. Maybe make it a quick-disconnect for security purpose.

              I also like the armrest position for the cupholders. That way when you shove it into third you won't hit your soda.
              There's nothing you can't do, so don't be discouraged just because no one else's done it.


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                What about putting the A/C controls where the head unit is, (I know its bigger but if you're willing to cut the hole bigger and trim it somehow... Plus it looks like the width and the bottom corner angles nearly match between the controls and the radio/vent surround) and put the screen where the A/C controls were and the the upper half of the storage bin? You could make a fiberglass piece to fill the space in between the screen and cupholders.