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Xenarc Overheating, need suggestions.

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  • Xenarc Overheating, need suggestions.

    So my xenarc has been acting up lately. The touchscreen goes out of calibration, and then finaly stops working entirely when it's been running for a while. I've found that by turning my AC on and blowing cold air over the back of my screen, I can cause the touchscreen to start working again. Clearly, the problem is heat related.

    I'm not sure if it's thermal expansion causing a loose wire thats the problem, or just a lack of cooling, but I need to fix it. I did a search and couldn't find much of anything.

    Has anyone had similar problems, and does anyone know of a fix for it?
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    I had that problem. I mounted my screen in front of one of the vents to keep it cool. Busy re installing the entire system to make it run cooler. Had everything in the trunk. Now that summer almost here, I been having heat related problems.
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