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Prob w/ 8" Lilli ts. flickers after boot.

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  • Prob w/ 8" Lilli ts. flickers after boot.

    My carpc is in my sig but if anymore info is needed just ask. I am currently running win 98se and when I boot everything is shifted down about half an inch on the screen and can't be adjusted up by changing the settings on the monitor. Once the computer gets to the log in screen (which i should get rid of anyway) the screen get horizontal lines that go across it. It looks like a tan line about 10-15 pixels tall and a teal line about 3-5 pixels wide below that. The rest of the screen is black and the lines start at the top of the screen and fall towards the bottom. The monitor stays like this until I turn it off. When I turn it back on it is fine. So basically every time I boot my computer I have to turn the screen off and back on to use it. Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this???

    ****************Installed XP and it works better******************
    too bad my boot times can be measured w/ a calender. I'm gonna work on that though.
    Car=Dodge Neon ACR.
    PC=Cappuccino GX1 Mini-Book - 800MHz, 256MB ,5GB, CD, XP payed $230
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