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cartft screen TS...driver not working..

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  • cartft screen TS...driver not working..

    Hi people,, i got a screen via cartft and im having problems getting the TS to work.
    im running XP Pro, and i have tried the install disk it came with and also drivers from cartft web and even windows update driver. but still the device ha a big fat yellow ! inthe device manager..
    any ideas..
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    Hey me too ! ! !!

    I got the the screen this week and have battled with the TS ever since !! ! !

    I was thinking it was just me


    I think the CARTFT screen is the same as a lilliputt, so I am going to try the latest lili drivers
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      Try uninstalling and use the drivers from the digitalww site

      You should see the touchscreen in the panel where it asks you to calibrate
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        phew thank god it's not just me.

        i thought the cartft screens were unbranded xenarc, in any case i'll try the lilli drivers and/or the digitalww drivers.

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          Well from my experience, from the various screens ive bought in the past year, all the drivers are the same. They all use the same ts too.


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            and its STILL not working... think im gona have to send it back,, ive tried the screen on 4 different machines all with the same problem.
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