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ready to BLOW MY F'n BRAINS OUT!

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  • ready to BLOW MY F'n BRAINS OUT!

    I picked up a boser 6037 SBC on ebay. There's some great stuff on ebay. It has a C&T 69000 lcd controller built in. I have a few Toshiba LTM12C257A lcd panels. Trying to get these things to work together has been a nightmare. I finally found the pinout for both. 6 wires for each color, then there's SHFCLK and M on the controller which I'm pretty sure go to NCLK and ENAB.

    I fired it up and the image was all messed up. I toggled through some different configs in the bios and it got better, then I bumped the home made cable and it worked! I found if I put some pressure on the cable it would work fine. So I was all happy and I figured the hard part was over and I just needed to tighten up a few connections. I shut it down and cleaned all the connectors, now it wont work at all. The display lights up and appears to be trying to scan but that's it, just a dark screen.

    I traced and checked everything out, All I can figure was a loose connection was actually helping me somewhere. BUT WHICH ONE!

    Here's the controller, I used the 18 bit hookup, SHFCLK went to NCLK. M,DE went to ENAB

    The LCD

    I had the dam thing working! It would have been better if it never worked, but it did and now I'm obsessed with it.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I really need some help here. The panel checks good on another system. I'm getting ready to set this junk on fire.........
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan

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    bumpage from desperation. Anyone????
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan