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Need advice on LCD wiring..

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  • Need advice on LCD wiring..


    I have a 1995 Taco that i picked up, and am starting my first project (a small video system). Now, i was expecting the system to be realativly simple, but i guess i was wrong.. I break it all out, and find the wiring is much more than just a ground and 12v...

    Now, at the risk of sounding like a noob..... are all these connections really nessisary? And if they are, what is a good way to go about locating the needed wires (im a noob to cars in this case)? A book perhaps?

    Any advice would rock. And, if people are interested, i can certianly keep them updated on how it works out.

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    im rot really familiar with alpine stuff, but i will do my best:
    for car info, see if you can find a "repair manual" - bentley makes one for europeans, im not really sure what a taco is.

    here are the connections that will need to be connected for the system to work:
    Acc (ignition, so its not on all the time - tap the *orange* (i think, dmay be diff on your car) wire on the ignition column. a multimeter is your friend.

    the other wires, from what i know of GPS/AV systems from alpine are to stop the system from being "used" without the car in park, brake on, etc. If i were you i would call Alpine and ask what the deal is with "brake" and "handbrake". If your car has a dimmer for the dash tou can connect the dimmer to that (again, factory repair manual will help with this), and if you are planning on having more aftermarket stuff you can use the remot on out lead to power that stuff - so you dont have to run the wires from the IGN column all over the F-ing place.

    If i were you, i would always test it out first, but maybe connect the brake and handbrake to the ign lead, so they are always on? I think alpine has their **** rigged "'for your saftey" so that you cant use anything if the car is going. But im not sure.

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      Hey there... Sorry about that. Taco = Tacoma ( i just hear it as Taco, and fitured it would be recognised).

      Ill check out the repair manuals ( had thought of it, but handn't had time yet). At this point, i have verified the monitor works (as i have a tested 12v and ground source). And as you said, since the break connections were not on, it was telling me the screen is off for my protection.

      Would these (brake) connections be 12v? If they are, i imagine i could simply do as you suggest, and hotwire them to the acc.

      I understand the safety implications, but i would like to be able to have navigation if i need, or be able to let the passenger use it if they would like, without having to pull over to do it.

      Once again, thanks.


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        Alpine forces you to do the hand-brake/foot-brake dance for liability reasons... most everyone else lets you just put on the e-brake (usually pulling up on the ebrake ONE click or just grounding that wire to get video). We used to set up two switches to trick the monitor into thinking that the events happened in the correct order... Alpine has a module that retailers can get for DISPLAY purposes... might be able to find one online somewhere... I'm sure someone out there has made their own and is selling them. Anyway... on the rear seat monitors... at least the first ones... there was an extra wire you could install into the harness and ground to get around the dance... good luck.

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          So, at this point, should i just return it? I want something my passengers can use on the road, or something i can use (navigation-wise), without being stopped.

          Like, how does everybody use thier in-dash and regular mount stuff? That is what i want..


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            first of all, - plus a carputer

            secondly, i assume the brake + handbrake want 12V, that makes sense since that is what the ligts work off of - but do some research and ill bet you can find out
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              Sorry, i cant afford such things (nor do i really want to.).. I have no use for a carputer right now, nor do i have the time or $ for such project.

              Anyway, i have been doing research all day, and have found nothing. Thus, i came here. I cant find anything about the display (past tons of stores selling them), user reviews, user projects, nothing..



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                I dont know many people that dont want to afford somthing.this hoby requires alot of TIME,plus $$$$$,without those your just someone with a stock car stereo.......


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                  all Alpine video products use an "interlock" method with both the hand and foot brake to bypass motion video and navigation entry when the vehicle is not parked.

                  you can wire a couple of switches (a momentary and a toggle) to simulate this every time you want video display (email me for directions if necessary)

                  OR>. you can get your hands on this nifty timer module piece made expressly for this situation! works like a charm every time! It is designed for installation of Alpine video products into recreational vehicles or marine applications where the appropriate brake wire circuits are not available. It is NOT designed or intended to bypass the interlock system on passenger vehicles (wink wink nudge nudge).

                  you can probably get this device from any local stereo shop that sells Alpine video products. The device is NOT made by Alpine, and is fairly inexpensive. If you cannot obtain one locally, e-mail me and i will help you locate one.

                  thanks - JC