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Will 7" In-Dash LCD fit in DOUBLE-DIN?

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  • Will 7" In-Dash LCD fit in DOUBLE-DIN?

    My car has a double-din setup for the system. I am currently using only half of that space and am planning on getting an in-dash LCD (most of them are 7") to use with a car PC setup. Currently, I have a hideaway setup for my system, that is, my deck is pushed inwards and covered up; it looks as if it didn't come with a deck at all. I was wondering if I got an in-dash LCD (as in the motorized ones that come out and flip open) would the 7" LCD fit into that double-din space. Would I be able to have my LCD open, but still covered up and hidden?

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    Dont really understand the question. Are you mounting the LCD and want to hide it or have an indash that flips open? the ones that flips open that I have seen are only single-din.

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      Hey, thanks for the reply. Sorry if I wasn't being clear. I have a car that didn't come with a deck stock, so it had some sort of a faceplate covering a double-din slot. I decided to keep the faceplate to hide an aftermarket deck that I installed. I was able to push this single-din cdplayer far enough so that I could still put the faceplate back on. Of course, I had to shave off parts of the side not visible from the outside to prevent from scratching up the deck. I'm planning on keeping this setup, if possible, with the addition of a motorized in-dash (single-din) system. Of course with the LCD closed, it'd look just like two single-din systems and should fit behind my faceplate with no problem. My question is, assuming I am able to push the system back far enough, would I be able have the motorized LCD open, and still cover it with the faceplate?

      Since the width of the LCD is the same width of the DIN, most of my question lies in the height of the LCD open, compared to the height of a typical double-din setup.

      I was hoping to have an in-dash LCD look more like a factory navigation screen and thinking about having some sort of animation playing on the screen through a design drilled out of the faceplate.


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        MEASURE IT!

        My 7" nowhere near fit my double-din.. Other people have had better luck..


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          Well the thing is, for some monitors, such as Alpine and Kenwood, the monitor closes into and opens from the top half of the deck whereas on a Sony and Clarion model, the monitor hides into the lower half of the deck. Also some monitors have larger bezels than others, some measure 7" from the screen, others measure from the housing. I don't have a 7" screen to measure against and compare. If I did, I could've just stuck it in and tried it.


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            Just compare the opening measurements with the external dimensions of the LCD/casing...