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  • Unknown Mobile VGA LCD...

    I'm new here and I've yet to pick up on the attitude towards Windows Media Center Edition, but it totally eased up my car computer functionality. I do everything with a small remote to the PC now, forget touch screen or KB and mouse (though I have a KB in my visor for those times I need it)

    Anyway, I'm looking for a new VGA LCD, but because of Windows MCE, I'm not interested in dishing out the extra dough for a touch screen. I found one vendor, cmt trading, that sells a car LCD w/ VGA for only $200 but I can't research it because it doesn't mention a product manufacturer (yikes!)

    It can be seen here:

    You guys recognize this product or have any info on it?

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    ...and I love how easily further research can be :-). Anyways, it looks like a panasonic unit (also sold by digitalww) found here:


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      I and I think one or two other members use MCE 2004. I love it and can't wait till I install my Lilliput TS this weekend because I know it's gonna rock. I agree that with a remote it is very easy to control and i plays everything I throw at it with no hiccups what so ever. (except for .mov files) But with the TS it should be even better especially with CoPilot and it's pop up on screen keyboard.
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