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Finally fixed my flicker problems :)

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  • Finally fixed my flicker problems :)

    Well after months of driveing around with a monitor that flickers, i got sick of it and yet again tried to figure out what was wrong. Came here and read up some to see if anyone fixed there flicker issues and all the people that said they did fix it, were having power issues. So.... I pulled into my garage and used the AC brick and pluged my lillyput into the wall. Just as i expected the image was crystal clear and no flicker at all.

    And just on a whem, i decided to use the AC adapter in the car. I had a 75watt inverter laying around and plugged it into the 12V cig in my trunk. Powered up the lillyput and that fixed it. Also note, the 12V cig plug in my trunk is the same power source I was using before when i had massive flicker. Im guessing that the egg thing with the lillyput is crap and not giving it enough power or not regulated correctly?

    Anyway, this is just a temporary fix, im going to attemp to hardwire it to my OPUS psu as im sure using the inverter to power the screen isnt the best route.

    Just wanted to let those who still have flicker issues to check your power source, and make sure its clean.
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    i wired my lilliput to my opus 90w psu, and the flicker went completly, even while sataring the engine!!


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      Does anyone have a link (preferablly with diagrams) to how I should hardwire my Lilliput to the Opus 150W.

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