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VGA vs RCA & Touchscreen vs other

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  • VGA vs RCA & Touchscreen vs other

    I have read all the other posts regarding LCDs that take a VGA connection and ones that take a composite one, some take both. I am fully aware of the fact that a 15pin VGA cable can send much more data than a mere RCA or even S-Video cable. I am trying to make a decision on whether to get a monitor with a VGA connection or any other car LCD with simply a RCA connection.

    The LCD will be in my dash with the a laptop sitting in the trunk with both S-Video and VGA out. This would require an extension cable. I have used both RCA and VGA extension cables and notice that VGA loses more quality over distance. I assume the quality loss is due to the fact that the source is not providing enough power since the signal amplification is distributed over 15 pins. I have also noticed that most LCDs (RCA connection) have a native resolution nothing close to that of a computer's.

    My initial reason for wanting a VGA connection was sharpness but I have noticed on some screens that the resolution isn't all that clear. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go for an LCD without a VGA connection?

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    Touchscreen vs other

    Also, I was considering getting a touchscreen, or kit, but this limits my options even more. I was thinking of just going and getting a Sony or Clarion in-dash video receiver, that way I wouldn't have to run any radio or cd-audio through the computer or anything. For those of you with touchscreens, how useful do you find it?

    I agree that with a touchscreen, everything is much easier and at the touch of the screen. This would lead to less distraction but a touchscreen kit isn't all that cheap to purchase or easy to install.

    My cheaper alternative would be a Griffin Powermate and/or a Keyspan Digital Media Remote. I would be customizing my own interface and both of these can be programmed to mimic any keystroke. I figured with the Powermate, I'd be able to quickly and easily scroll through songs or playlists, and I wouldn't be limited to only being able to control what I see. For example, if I wanted to change songs or pause a song (via winamp hotkeys for example) while looking up directions on gps or something like that. Bear in mind that these aren't specific things I want to do, but simply examples to show pros/cons.

    And NO, I'm not considering getting both.


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      where can i get cheap touch screen monitors from?


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        probably a store