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Anyone Done A Indash lcd In A Celica Gen6

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  • Anyone Done A Indash lcd In A Celica Gen6

    Hi All,

    hope this is the right5 place fo rthis, i have done the Lilliput conversion, had a few problems but finally got it all working but does not seem to fit in the dash of my Toyota Celica Gen6 it has a double din stereo at the moment (sony) tried taking that out and fitting a Kenwood Stereo and the Lilliput but they dont fit !!!!!!

    please don't tell me it can't be done i sweated blood to ge tit working in that housing, cables in the housing had duff connectors, dogy solder joint of board, finally though i had it cracke dthem blam it wont fit.

    any help much appreciated

    Mark Ward

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    Hey Mark, I'm putting a xenarc and a powerbook g4 in my 6th gen later this week, mock up here:

    As you can see, I'm moving my head unit down to the cig lighter area. What lilliput screen did you get? Where are you putting the kenwood? How does the lilliput only take up one screen? Pictures would help.

    You can AIM me at ig98A, or PM me at the boards under shid.


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      thanks for the reply, what i am trying to do is this :-

      1. Have a 7" Lilliput that has been put in to a 1din pull out housing from digital www so it now folds out from a 1 din slot.

      2. Currently have a 2din Sony WRX stereo in their, want to remove this.

      3. Want to fit a Kenwood standard or any other 1 din standard sized stereo and the 1 din pull out screen on top in the same 2 din slot if possible.

      4. Tried to fit it but the front plastic is too small for either stereo could cut this but still have the problem of how to fix them in, their is no cage behind , only a set of side rails that screw in to the stereo and screw it to the car but that seems to be made for double din units not 1 din.

      Mark Ward


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        Ahh ok, I gotcha. Your problem is you don't have the brace You're gonna need to scour around ebay and stuff to find one- the brace you're using right now is for a 2 din, where the brace that other people have is made for 2 one din slots. So when you take the WRX stereo out of there- you don't have the correct din brace.

        I might be able to help you- seeing as how I'm moving my head unit somewhere else. To be quite honest tho, I'm not sure about that. If I end up not needing the bracing, I'd totally be willing to sell it to you- but if I need to cut it up and stuff... :/ anyway. You want to check ebay, and check buyer/seller forums (put a WTB request up there) and see if they can help you.

        Once again, I believe this is your problem, but pictures would help!


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          Thanks alot that seems just what i need

          will take a look around

          many thanks

          Mark Ward