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AAAARGH!!! Datalux=death for my video card!

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  • AAAARGH!!! Datalux=death for my video card!

    I'm a tad bit frustrated... My Datalux monitor was working fine. All of the sudden, it dies on me. The controller card decided to take a dump. Ok, I ordered a new one from Jusatry... Installed it... No video. I plugged in my monitor. Uh oh, no video! So i thought it may be my video card. I plug in my 256 meg Radeon. Still nothing! Now neither of my video cards will work in a different system! Somehow the datalux killed a 64 meg and 256 meg radeon card. Needless to say, I'm a BIT disgruntled. Over $300 worth of dead equippment now-- including my 10.4 touchscreen. So what could have caused this? Do you think the datalux is salvagable? I've already hacked my dash for it... Any help would be much appreciated.
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    datalux needs a 5.5 instead of a 3.3V output from the video card to operate. perhaps that could be it?
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    Wow.. how things have changed in 4 years. Gone are the days of mcgyver and datalux