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USB Cable interference

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  • USB Cable interference

    Can any of you tell me if I run my USB cable for my lilliput along with my power cables will I get interference on my screen or if I run the cables with my RCA cables will this introduce noise into the audio system? Just wondering whats the safest route to the CarPC in the boot.
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    Run the power wires down one side of the car and the signal wires (VGA, USB, RCA) down the other. That's what I do, and I get no interference
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      Is the USB that is connected to the lilliput screen just a regular USB cable?

      Currently it is sticking out to might on the left side and I wanted to get a L shapped usb adapters from

      Will this work?


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        The USB connector on the Lilliput is not for USB at all. It is used for power, Video 1, Video 2, and Audio inputs. The USB connector that splits off the 9 pin mini-din cable is just a regular USB connector. It controls the touch screen. You can easily unsolder or cut and splice any of these to put on whatever connectors you want.

        As for where to route your cables? Try to keep the VGA and Analog Audio cables away from everything else, as much as possible. Since these are analog signals, they are susceptible to many sources of noise. The USB cables can safely be run next to noisy sources withou much chance of interferences. If it were up to me, I'd run the USB along with my power leads, and keep it away from my RCA or VGA connections. One exception is the USB touch screen cable. Since the touch screen uses so little bandwidth, it is unlikely to introduce any interference on your nearby VGA cable.
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