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Where to buy CCFT and Inverter

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  • Where to buy CCFT and Inverter

    I have an Sharp LQ9D161 screen and it works except for the backlight. I am not sure if its the inverter or if the bulb is burnt out. I have been unsuccessful in finding is a place that supplies CCFTs and inverters for me to purchase. If anyone has a reccomendation it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    My local Fry's electronics carries them. You can also find them online, but I dont have any URL's handy.

    I have picked up inverters from broken laptops at surplus shops. Just make sure you dont touch it when it is on. (It will burn your skin if you are lucky, and you might end up in the hospital if you are unlucky).

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      I remember when I replaced the backlight in my laptop... what I remember most is burning skin really does not smell good. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        The smell of burning flesh is an "acquired taste".