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starvision will not stay on.

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  • starvision will not stay on.

    hey everyone - need some help.

    I bought the starvision 7" TSK a little while back and just got around to testing it. So i hook it ip to an old PSU's 12V line, as the second monitor on my laptop. Looks good, install touch screen - looks good too.

    I am planning on trunk mounting the laptop and running a VGA line up front for the screen - so i was testing how long of a cable i could use and not lose the signal. I used a 10' cable first, works fine, play with it for a while - go watch tv, come back and decide to add on a second monitor extension cable.

    now the screen's LED comes on for a sec, then everything goes black. For a split second you can see the shimmer of the screen coming on, but then it goes away. So i try to go back to the original setup, nothing. So i tried with no VGA input, nothing. I used a multimeter to test the voltage coming into it - 11.54 V DC my fluke reads.

    not sure what to do now.l Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!

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    I emailed starvision - any other ideas?
    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!