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Is Lilliput detachable?

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  • Is Lilliput detachable?

    I would like to put it in my lockable truck to keep from tempting vandals, does it allow you to easily remove it?

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    Originally posted by morgant6911
    I would like to put it in my lockable truck to keep from tempting vandals, does it allow you to easily remove it?
    2 Wires (Power and a 9 PIN Connector) + one mounting screw. Will be kind of a pain to remove everytime. You may want to try something like I did:


    After: Hidden from prying eyes

    How to do it:

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      Thats cool, but mine will be on top of the dash, so it would get noticed.


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        You're in the same boat as me. I cut the connectors and ran power/signal through one cable which allows me to plug it in/out quickly. Takes me 7s to remove the screen. (timed it ) Obviously not as nice a slide in/out design, but... it saved me a lot of time, maybe later.
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          I am just going to have a sweater or some other article of clothing and I will just throw that on top of the screen when I leave the car. As far as the mounting screw goes, it isn't that bad to remove. Just keep it tight enough so your screen doesn't bounce around but loose enough so that one quick turn will release the screen completely.
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            The sweater solution wouldn't work for me, as it gets over 150* in the car in mid-July here in Texas.

            I would just feel better leaving it in the trunk, because my car has a lockable trunk release that would stop most vandals from getting to it, unless they stole the whole car or had a bunch of time.


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              I currently have a Pioneer WD6010 which is designed to be detachable. Unfortunately it is only a TV screen not VGA, therefore I have now got a Lilliput and am working on putting it in the dash. Considered having it on top and removing each time, but decided it would be far to awkward. The Pioneer I can do effortless and seemlessly and people who get in the car with don't even notice me doing it.