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bad picture on my LCD?

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  • bad picture on my LCD?


    I have a CAMOS LM-560 LCD

    LCD Specs

    And I've hooked it up to my PC today (I have a GF4 MX440) along with a second, 12" LCD.

    The image is all messy and it looks like when you videotape your screen and you see all that lines (when watching the playback on your tv)... Could it be that the refresh rate is to low (at 60hz, can't change to bigger)??

    and the image is also "not in line" cause the taskbar is abuout 3inches above the lower edge of the screen and underneath it it's the image that should be on top of the screen (like on this picture - yes, the pic sux but you get the idea)

    so, any ideas?

    the lcd is conected using an S-Video to RCA conector and the RCA is a 75ohm.

    thank you!
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      Originally posted by DrSergioDJ
      Looks like the phase or sync of the LCD is out of whack...

      not too familiar with that brand of LCD-- is there an "auto adjust" feature?
      You should also be able to play around with the phase, too.


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        no auto adjust feature :S

        how do i play around with the phase?
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          Have you tried another source?
          Have you tried another cable?
          Maybe its your svhs->rca-composite cable, or its not syncing because pal/ntsc/hz settings.
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            I think it's sth with the Geforces...

            If I try it with a handy video camer, I get a super clear pic, but no colors (that doesn't really bother me, I don't really need them).

            But if i try on one of the computers :

            1) AMD 1100 thunderbird with a GF4 mx440
            2) AMD 1000 thunderbird with a Gf3 Ti200

            I get the **** i described in my first post.

            I tried several cables and it's always the same.

            If I connect it to the handy video camer, I use the same +12V and ground wires as if I try with the Pc's, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.
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