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    Righty, its been a while since I looked into this, I got all my normal carputer parts about 2 years ago, inc a 20x4 character LCD, but then i changed cars and various other things happened and I gave up. Now im interested again, and I have a nice laptop spare, inc screen (but I cant fit a 15 inch screen anywhere unfortunately!)
    Is the output to the built in LCD a standardised protocol and wiring (its a toshiba of some sort) or am I going to have to spend a fortune getting a converter? I want to pick up a cheap small VGA type display and run that but I've been out of the game so long I dont know where to start! I can fit the entirety of the puter section in the back wing of the car, which includes serious ventilation, plenty of space and security, its just the graphic-out problem i have. I'd like to go touchscreen but I cant justify that price at the moment.