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Wonder what Xenarc & HDTV looks like?

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  • Wonder what Xenarc & HDTV looks like?

    Just for fun and giggles, thought I'd show you how a Xenarc handles a 720p HDTV signal via RGB...

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    why did you need to show me that (lol)

    now I need to add an hd card to my carputer

    I wonder how the hdtv reception would be


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      wow, that's frickin amazing.......


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        The Xenarc states it's receiving a 1280x720 60 Hz signal (which is correct). I've compared reference DVD's (e.g. Superbit, The Fifth Element) and HDTV output on the Xenarc, and even though the LCD has a native resolution of 800x480 and is only 7", the HDTV source being fed into the Xenarc looks many times better than DVD's.


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          What is the output method from your pc? Do you have a special video card? What cable are you using? (Xenarc only has VGA and RCA inputs)


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            he might have a HD reciever box that has a VGA output
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              Wow, nice

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                It's being fed from a DISH Network 6000 HDTV receiver via VGA/RGB. (Yes, I thought about mounting the 6000 in my car for camping or adding an HDTV card to my CarPC, but I think that's a bit overboard. Heh.)

                I'm actually quite impressed the Xenarc will basically accept any type of resolution (under 1600x1200) as long as the refresh rate is around 60 Hz.

                Right now, thru PowerStrip, I run it at either 800x480, 960x600, or 1280x720 with 800x480 of course being the most crisp/clear thru my ATI All-In-Wonder 8500DV.