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Quality Problems with Lilliput

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  • Quality Problems with Lilliput

    I am getting a faded - purple"ish" color on my lilliput. The XP start button is grey, rather than green... I did a custom mount job - is there any cables I might have messed up - or could this be the external cables having connection issues? Any help is greatly appreciated! It looks fine @ night, but during the day it is very tough to see... Thanks!
    2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71
    STOLEN - M10000, 512MB, 60GB 2.5" HDD, 7" Custom mounted Lilliput, Morex 3688 Case, 90W PSU w/ ITPS, GPS & CD-RW/DVD. New parts ordered for the next generation!

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    THere are two probable couses to your problem:
    1. (vga wires)
    you should check the vga wires. when you get something wierd like your "faded - purple"ish" color " its probably because one of your colors (Red Green Blue) or their corrisponding grounds, is loose. Did you mess with the video wires one the controller board? If you did go back and make sure you have all them soldered correctly.

    A good way to test this theory is to connect your lilliput to a composit signal(since composit only uses one cable its like all or nothing.

    2.(ribbon cable)
    if you still get wierd color issues when connecting to a composit signal then you might want to check your ribbon cable.
    If loose, reconnect it.
    If its broken then just order a replacement from armen at
    !!!!Make sure you tell him which cable you need, there are TWO different Lilliput ribbon cables!!!!
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    Screen: Lilliput 7" touchscreen (Custom made Carbon Fiber Screen Enclosure)
    S2000 Carputer