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Returning my DWW-7VGA

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  • Returning my DWW-7VGA

    Well, it looks like I have to send back my DWW-7VGA. The unit isn't very happy about being retracted back inside the case and gets stuck which is causing the bottom of the face getting a little scratched up. Also, it looks like I'm buying a house soon so I won't be able to keep the unit anyways.

    So I've e-mailed and called Armen about what I need to do to get my moneys back, or at least get the unit repaired/replaced if he is unable to refund the money. If it's the later I will have to sell the unit. I am open to the idea of selling the unit as is to a person who feels they are mechanicly inclined to fix the insides instead of them waiting on Armen's next shipment of equipment or me waiting on Armen to get back to me.

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    you are buying a house so you can't keep your monitor?
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      It's $530 dollars sitting on my credit card that I'm gonna have to use for furniture instead.


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        Armen is da'man. E-mailed me today saying to send it back and he will fix it