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Reverse/mirror image screen ?

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  • Reverse/mirror image screen ?

    Hi Guys
    Ive had a search on here but drawn a blank..

    The story so far...

    I've try'd searching for a good mirror image camera that works in low light etc, but i couldn't find one good enough to totally replace my mirrors, so ..
    I went an found a good camera

    The problem I have now is i've got a great camera but now need....

    A good quality mirror image screen, 5" ish would be best as I dont have much space, but anything will do

    What im really after is a screen that has a second input thats permanantly reversed/mirrored,


    A screen that has a switch to keep it mirrored, so I don't have to reach over and reverse it everytime I switch it on, as i'll be using it all the time, and having to do it each time I start the car would be a real drag.

    Any help, links or ideas will be greatfully recieved
    This is one of the last things holding up finishing my install.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone ?