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Urgent question on Lilliput!!

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  • Urgent question on Lilliput!!

    The USB (thing) that plugs into the lilliput...does it need to be plugged in if at least the power is hooked up to it? I fabricated something and didn't think to include a space for the USB type plug to fit in nicely. This will pretty much make or break my project. If i at least have the power plugged in right below do i still need the USB plugged in?

    BTW this is the touchscreen lilliput...

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    Um....if you don't plug in the USB how can you use the touchscreen?

    Are you talking about the external usb looking thing or the actual USB wire coming out of the side of the LCD that goes into your computer?


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      The usb looking thing is NOT usb...just a connector for your aux. video and such. leave it out, your all good

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        phwew!!! thank god (and thank for the fast responses!! I might still cut a gap for it anyway but in the meantime i will leave it be. I'm talking about the USB part that goes into the LCD, not the part that goes into the back of the computer.

        If i just plug in the "egg-shaped" adapter wire (that is connected to the cig-adapter) straight into the LCD i should be fine right? I don't need to worry about that long cable that has the USB attachment and video in's right?


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          also, which wires are positive and ground on the cig-adapter? Black w/white? and regular black?


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            cool..i tried everything out and it works....carputer is up and operational!!!