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The final battle of the 7" touch creens

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  • The final battle of the 7" touch creens

    I am about to buy a 7" touchscreen and need some advice. Do I go with the Lilliput or the Xenarc?
    2004 Freelander HSE | Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen| Via M10000 | 256 MB | 120 GB | DVD player | TN-200 | Opus 150watt |Windows XP Pro | Media Car | Routis & Destinator

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    Sorry, cant resist...try this

    There is still no clear winner. I doubt there ever will be. I would personally like to run over my lilly repeatedly with a Hummer, but I paid good money for it so I cant.
    2005 Ford Focus ST


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      Well then, I pose another question. Where did you buy yours, and what are their return/damage policies? Did you have a good experience or a bad one?
      2004 Freelander HSE | Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen| Via M10000 | 256 MB | 120 GB | DVD player | TN-200 | Opus 150watt |Windows XP Pro | Media Car | Routis & Destinator


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        I got mine from Hong Kong on eBay...never again. $35 to get it here...$35 to send it back when the unit went dead...and now its touchscreen is bad again. If you need one, pay a little more and buy from Armen so you dont have these problems. The quality is the same no matter who you buy from, but at least he can help you fix it properly and timely. Check them out at
        2005 Ford Focus ST


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          Got my Xenarc from
          FedEx lost the package between Indianapolis and Paris (open cargo bay? ;-), but the guy at Karpc was VERY helpful, and sent me a replacement even before he could resolve the matter with FedEx (they insisted they had the package, but didn't have a clue where it was). And he even threw in som extras for me in the second package.
          Some people just know how to deal with customers.

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            In my opinion, and what I made my decision on was the posts here.... Many posts about Lilliput problems, not so many posts about Xenarc problems. Some posts about what a GREAT product the Xenarc is, one post about what an OKAY product the Lilliput is.

            I own a Xenarc and have been VERY pleased with it. It is a quality product, from what I have heard here Lilliput is hit or miss, with more misses than hits.

            Pay the extra up front, or pay it later for psycological consuling....


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              After using both myself I can say that there is no clear winner.

              Lilliput | Xenarc

              Tie | Tie


              Lose | Win


              Win | Lose

              I could break this down even furth into sub categories(i.e. compatability, brightness, ease of use, etc.) but this is the jist of it....basically you decide where yo uland on the chart do you prefer to save money up front(close to $200) and somewhat gamble on the reliability of the unit(I understand there is a gamble on any part but the lilli has shown less reliability in the past than the xenarc). I truly hope this helps end the seemingly endless debate on which one is "better", hwihc has been established many many times that they are equal in whole but different on certain levels.

              - Phil Rogers


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                To put it one way:
                I've seen many a Lilliput user wish they'd shelled out the extra cash for a Xenarc...I've never heard of a Xenarc user say "well...I could've settled for the Lilliput"

                If you can affoard the Xenarc, I'd go for it....if price is a concern, save and get the Lilliput.

                Think of it as chosing between a Pyramid amp and an Alpine amp. There's a reason one costs more, and it's not just the brand name.
                There's nothing you can't do, so don't be discouraged just because no one else's done it.


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                  Xenarc in Europe

                  I bought my Xenarc from Auto Quality and today they offer price warranty. I.g. they sell for the same price as you can find lowest in Europe. I have a contact [email protected] tell in the mail that you are from this forum and he will give you a good price, atleast he did for me

                  I tried both Lilliput and Xenarc and I would agree with above that if you can afford it buy the Xenarc, otherwise go for Lilliput.


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                    i really think the simple answer is, if you have the cash, buy the xenarc.

                    If this qualifies as the 'final battle' it's happened 30 times before....
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