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Wiring odd screen

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  • Wiring odd screen

    I have a Hyundai touch screen (HG32602-C) that a friend got from work. They are used to control large processing machines. So it's still basically a computer touchscreen. I need some help wiring it up though.
    This is the screen:

    This cable comes off one side, with flat wires running around the screen

    It also has this slot in the center of the card:

    I'm assuming this is the power:

    I've contacted the company already asking for any info they can send me. But I was hoping someone would be able to help me here first. I have a vga cable off an old monitor that I figured I could wire in. I want to install it all the same as a Lilliput. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I believe:

    the cable coming off the side of the screen is for the touchscreen. looks to be 4 wire resistive

    the 'power' cables appear look like the cables that would go to an inverter, as i neither see on that board, nor would expect to see on it, inverter electronics.

    on the back of it, just about dead center, appears to be the LCD ribbon cable attachment location...

    so, you will likely need:
    -LCD controller
    -touchscreen controller

    You can expect to pay out the nose for these items.
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      The ribbon cable you got your finger on is the touch screen cable. You have a 4 wire touch panel so you will need a 4 wire touch screen controller. The one on my site will work. The white cables are for the back light (inside the LCD panel). The wires need to be connected to an inverter. You will need to find an inverter.

      I don't think that you have a VGA controller there. This is what the VGA cable will connect to and it is also the most expensive part. Find out more info about the LCD panel and then look for the VGA controller before you buy anything else. In the end it might not be worth it. Here is a website that might have the parts you need:



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